Watch V8 Supercars Live


I've watched supercars as much as I can on the telly, ever since I first came across a guy called Mark Skaife. I think that was around the time I was president of the Motorsports society at uni and someone mentioned there was a 'famous racing driver with the same name'. Turns out he was one of the best too and from that point on I always wanted to watch them live. I've been to F1, BTCC and other live racing events in the UK but this one I never thought I'd do.

The round I went to watch was at Ipswich, about 40 minutes outside Brisbane. Not the most interesting circuit but there was some decent racing and a couple of mega smashes for good measure. I made a weekend of it and stayed in a cool hotel in Brisbane, including a Tesla ride from the airport because why not.

Sadly I couldn't track Skaifey down for a photo on the day but hey ho!

DONE: August 2016