Drive a lap of Bathurst


Probably one of the sadder looking things on the list to most people, but being a Supercars (and Skaifey) fan I knew about Bathurst and had always wanted to go there. I didn't realise until I was in Australia that for the rest of the year when the Bathurst 1000 race isn't on, the circuit is actually a normal road you can drive around. Jackpot.

I hired a car (an XR6, sadly I couldn't get a Holden that weekend like Skaifey used to drive!) and drove round. And round. And round. There were a few people out jogging who I think I went past about 20 times so they must have wondered what I was doing. Not sure I stuck to the 60 kph speed limit on some occasions either, but hey it's a once in a lifetime experience for a geek like me so worth the risk.

DONE: July 2016